JewsOnFirst Conversation with Rabbi Stuart Federow

by Rabbi Haim Dov Beliak,, June 17, 2008

Rabbi Stuart Federow is spiritual leader of leader of Congregation Shaar Hashalom in Houston, co-host of the Show of Faith radio program on Radio Mojo 950 AM, and proprietor of the WhatJewsBelieve website. He talks with Rabbi Beliak about the crisis at Friendswood Junior High School that was set off when the school addressed an act of anti-Muslim hatred with a presentation on Islam by the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Rabbi Federow notes that the school erred in not giving parents the opportunity to opt out of the presentation. He also notes that a program on the same radio station that hosts his show was responsible for encouraging a wave of complaints to the school district. Federow and Beliak consider the behavior of the Christian majority, which resents constitutional restraints on its religious practices in the public square.

You can find an earlier essay by Rabbi Federow here.

JewsOnFirst conversation with Rabbi Stuart Federow
TOPIC: Religious Bullying > Anti-Muslim Bullying