Conversation with Dr. David P. Gushee, founder of Evangelicals for Human Rights

Interviewed by Rabbi Haim Dov Beliak of, January 11, 2007

David P. Gushee, PhD, is the Graves Professor of Moral Philosophy and Senior Fellow of the Carl F. H. Henry Center for Christian Leadership at Union University, a Baptist school in Jackson, Tennessee.

This wide-ranging, half-hour recorded conversation moves from Gushee's founding work with Evangelicals for Human Rights and his argument that torture is always wrong, to Jewish-Christian relations, then to Christian Zionism. That discussion proceeds to considering end-times scenarios and Christian environmental activism, in which Gushee is involved. He also mentions the book he is currently writing about an emerging evangelical center -- as contrasted with the Christian right.

The conversation concludes with a brief discussion about what a centrist evangelical position on homosexual relationships would look like. Gushee, who blogs at CounterCulture, says he rejects the hatred and homophobia expressed by religious right organizations.

JewsOnFirst conversation with Dr. David Gushee
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