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defending the First Amendment against the Christian right ...

Jews On First!

... because if Jews don't speak out, they'll think we don't mind


Historical Facts Topple Film's Premise that Violent Muslim Fundamentalists are Nazis' Heirs, Expose its Fear-mongering

A presentation by summarizing our critical analysis, Rebutting Obsession.

"If you want to get people to fight you have to make them think there's a threat and they're in danger." - Itamar Marcus, one of several ideological pundits featured in Obsession

In the fall of 2008, Obsession DVDs were distributed to 28 million swing state voters, trying to build

  • a distorted picture of international politics to boost the McCain campaign.
  • bigoted confusion of all Muslims with what Obsession calls "radical Islam."

Rebutting Obsession demolishes Obsession's case for fear and bigotry


Contents of our special section:
Rebutting Obsession