Video in the Radio Talk Show Studio – Preview

Religion, Schools and the First Amendment

An Interview with Dan Gaffney, host of WGMD-FM's Morning Show by Jane Hunter and Rabbi Haim Dov Beliak of, March 11, 2008 (posted May 2010) went to Delaware's Sussex County in March 2008 to report on a religious discrimination case there. The school district had just settled a lawsuit brought by two Jewish families over unconstitutionally sponsoring Christian religious activities. High on our list of people to interview was Dan Gaffney, morning talk show host on WGMD-FM. Defenders of religion in the schools held forth on his show, which was, several years ago, credited by some with turning out hundreds of people to shout down one of the Jewish families at a school board meeting.

Gaffney graciously agreed to be interviewed live, during his program. That interview in the WGMD studio (seen in Part One of the full-length video) led to a discussion. Rabbi Haim Dov Beliak and Jane Hunter, directors of, challenged Gaffney's assertion that prayer to Jesus in a school setting is a Christian's First Amendment "right" of self-expression. Then (in Part Two of the full-length video), Gaffney, Beliak and callers debate some concepts including "absolute truth" and the relevance of Jesus. This video contains excerpts of both parts of Video in the Radio Talk Show Studio.

You can see Part One of the full video here, and Part Two here. You can find additional reports on religion in the schools in Delaware's Sussex County here.

Video in the Radio Talk Show Studio – Preview
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