Martha Schaerr, Stealth School Board Candidate

Leader of fight to block sex ed in Montgomery County, Maryland, is on November ballot

By Jane Hunter,, October 17, 2010

Martha Schaerr, the subject of this video, is a stealth school board candidate, according to activists in Montgomery County, Maryland. Schaerr, critics say, is not telling voters that just a few years ago she played a major role in a bruising – and losing – legal battle by right-wing Christian groups to block a new sex education curriculum in the Montgomery County Public Schools. The groups primarily objected to high school lessons about homosexuality.

Schaerr is also not revealing that she is on the board of the Family Leader Institute, which fights same-sex marriage and acceptance of homosexuality and appears to be tied to the Mormon Church.

Martha Schaerr, Stealth School Board Candidate
TOPIC: Public Education