Telling "Wall Street"

by JewsOnFirst, May 2006

Non-purchase of Ford cars because of homophobic sentiments is a hard behavior to measure. Who knows how many families had already decided not to buy a gas-guzzling US car?

This may be why the leader of the boycott against Ford, the American Family Association (AFA), is telling its followers to write the corporation and to phone their local Ford dealers to announce that they are boycotting the company.

The AFA also appears to be trying to jawbone down the price of Ford's stock by having its supporters write "straight to Wall Street informing them of the boycott."

Ford shares hit a 52-week low of $7.39 on March 3rd, right before the boycott. But the price has been bouncing around the $7 range since last fall. The company is suffering from globalization, legacy costs, and surging fuel prices.

This is the text of the click-and-send form letter the AFA put on its website in early April and included in an April 3rd email "Action Alert."

Dear Chairman [of the New York Stock Exchange:

I want to alert you to the fact that more than 20 pro-family organizations, including American Family Association, are boycotting Ford Motor Company because of Ford's support for homosexual marriage.

You have a responsibility to inform your investors and shareholders of the Ford boycott, so that they can make informed decisions.

For more information on the boycott, go to

You probably will want to alert your clients who hold Ford stock of this boycott.

On April 8th, the letter-writing activity was on the AFA website, but not on the BoycottFord website.

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