A JewsOnFirst.org video: Pastor John Hagee's Preoccupation With the Jews

A video by JewsOnFirst.org with narration by Ed Asner, July 18, 2008

JewsOnFirst.org is proud to present our video, Pastor John Hagee: A Preoccupation with the Jews. Pastor John Hagee heads Christians United for Israel (CUFI), a leading Christian Zionist organization, and as its leader enjoys the support of major Jewish organizations. With narration by Ed Asner, our video shows a number of instances in which Hagee's understanding of Jews and Judaism should give cause for concern.

Hagee declares that Hitler was "part Jewish." He says that Jews attribute special healing powers to the "spittle" of their first-born sons. He repeats anti-semitic canards about Jewish control of the financial system. We hope this video will prompt rabbis and Jewish organizational leaders to reevaluate their relationships with Hagee and CUFI.

Pastor John Hagees Preoccupation With The Jews (Full Version)
Pastor John Hagee's Preoccupation With The Jews (Excerpts)
TOPIC: Christian Zionists