Eyewitness: Sunday morning at Christian Zionist organization leader's church

Pastor John Hagee, head of Christians United for Israel, preaches hatred of Islam

By an anonymous attendee, special to JewsOnFirst.org, August 23, 2006

I was at Cornerstone Church last Sunday -- this for the fourth time, which means I must be some kind of masochist. The "sermon," lasting over an hour, was the first of a three part series entitled, "A Family Feud." I expect you will know that refers to Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Isaac and Ishmael. Sunday's diatribe featured an analysis of the current political situation, next Sunday (dare I go again?) will tell us how it all started and who's to blame, and on Sept. 3 the true believers will be treated to the Armageddon scenario.

First, the whole thing was purely political; nothing "religious" whatsoever, except the repetitious excoriation of Islam. Of course, there was a nod to "good Muslims," but the constant reminder that the enemy is Islamo-fascism (and you should hear how Hagee pronounces "fascism"; just as he mispronounced "Martin Niemoeller") lets it be known to his hearers that really all Islam and all Muslims are the enemy. He skewed history time and again, e.g., he said Hamas was led by Arafat. He equates Arabs with Islam, when less than 25% of Muslims are Arabs. He skims over the fact that Iranians are not Arabs -- but no matter, they are the enemy. He badmouthed [former President Bill] Clinton and knocked academicians. But the latter is just another example of the anti-intellectualism of the Flat Earth Society and the Armageddon crowd.

An interesting note: Hagee sees a close connection between Nazism and Islamo-fascism. Mein Kampf = jihad. Both are struggles, battles, fights. He said Hitler had met with an Arab leader in the '30s and plotted the destruction of the Jews. Somehow he saw a connection between the 6 million Jews of the Holocaust and the 6 million Jews living in Israel. We must make sure that the latter are not slaughtered like the former.

Hagee noted that Mohammed flew to heaven on August 21. When this happened, according to the legend, there was a bright light. Now, the President of Iran said he will give his answer to the U.N. (Hagee: U.N.=United Nothing) on August 22. Hagee hinted that the "bright light" may be replicated by an atomic missile explosion sent by Iran to Israel. Watch for it, folks!

Then, as usual, he brought up Russia and China as prophecy.

"Israel is entitled to ten times the land it has!"


What we have here is the Republican party at prayer. How Hagee gets away with his outfit being tax free is a wonder, until you consider who runs the tax show.

Some news from the Cornerstone program:

The Night to Honor Israel is on Sunday, October 22. Pastor Hagee encourages Christians in America and around the world to support Israel and the Jewish People (tell that to Maronite Christians in Lebanon). Israel is the only nation on the face of the earth where God created the boundaries and gave it to his people, the Jews, for all time. The choice is very clear; Christians can either choose to be a friend and supporter of Israel and please the Lord or be an enemy of Israel and offend God."

The Big Night will be preceded by a Friday/Saturday Celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles. (Picture in the magazine: they dress up in bathrobes and play Jews.)

Rev. Jerry Falwell will be guest speaker at the 6:30 p.m. service on September 10.

You can do an Alaska cruise with the jolly rapturists, June 15-22, 2007.

The page in the magazine for CUFI registration tells the what his/her duties are. Be supportive of the Nation of Israel and the Jewish people on biblically based issues. Note that: "Nation" (political) and "biblically based." Contact your Washington reps within 24 hours when you're contacted. Attend the National Night to Honor Israel in San Antonio. It appears that San Antonio is the equivalent of Mecca and the Night to Honor Israel is a hajj. Of course, if you can't make San Antonio, you should participate in a NTHI in your area. Indeed, you should even be willing to participate and ORGANIZE and support a NTHI in your area.

And there is (are?) lots of kitschy stuff you can get from Cornerstone to fill Hagee's coffers. For example, for a gift of $2500 ($3250 Canadian) you can get the Ten Commandments displayed with an exquisite mat and decorative wooden frame, a work of art as only the Spooner Gallery can produce it.

Don't want the Decalogue? Then try the "Fruits of Righteousness Platter" for a gift of only $5000 ($6500 Canadian). And you can have it in either 12 or 4 easy payments. But you get the platter only after you have coughed up the full amount. The platter is 18 inches of SOLID GLASS (Got that: SOLID GLASS!) and is etched with "The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise." "Winneth": doncha just love that King Jamesy language?

No commandments or Proverbs? Well, at least you can afford 25 bucks for a beautiful patriotic print (frame not included) that quotes 2 Chronicles: "If my people, who are called by by name . . ." on top of a copy of the Constitution ("We the People of the United States. . .") . Get it? Superimposed on that is a waving American flag and the glaring head of an eagle. 'Tis a print devoutly to be coveted.

Thus endeth my report.

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