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Christian Zionists' Night to Honor Israel in Albuquerque

Pastor John Hagee and Dennis Prager speak at Christian United for Israel event

Sophia B. Rich for, March 6, 2011

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Prager paused to own "my chutzpah" in making such a remark. He just wanted to add, he said, "a Jew's confirmation that. . . in fact, God DOES bless those who bless the Jews."

The talk show host stepped up the rally for militant Zionism to follow with a flattering portrait of Christian America's treatment of Jews.

Local Jewish Link previewed CUFI's "Night to Honor Israel" in Albuquerque

"This country is the most blessed on earth," he continued. The country that has most blessed the Jews is the U.S. of A. If you think it is a coincidence, I am certain it is not a coincidence."

"The day that the United States abandons Israel will be the start of the decline of the United States," he warned prophetically, to a burst of applause.

"We back the right of the Jewish people to its homeland," he said, as the cheering crowd rose to its feet. "I don't want to be like France, Sweden, China, Russia, Paraguay or Uruguay!"

"Let me explain in full," Prager went on. "Jews have a very long memory. really long. We have an event [the Passover seder] commemorating something that took place in happened in 1,200 BC."

Repeating a centuries-old view held by the Plymouth Rock Puritans, Prager endorsed an identification between the ancient Israelites and contemporary America.

"I'd like Americans to commemorate 1776 like we Jews commemorate the seder. Jews can teach the world about memory, but memories come with baggage."

"Christian history has not been a blessed one for the Jews. But Jews have to understand that American Christians are not European Christians."

"The United States was founded by Christians and we have been blessed here. There was no American Inquisition."

"For three thousand years, we Jews have been waiting for fans. Let's go Jews! Give me a J, give me an E, give me a W!"

"I'm a Jew fan."

"Me too!"

"I love the Jews."

"Some Jews are a little paranoid. It's too hard for some Jews to believe. Some Jews simply fear religious people, Jewish or Christian."

"Please understand why Jews are the way they are. The Jews are the miner's canary. The death of Jews is the warning that non-Jews are next. You're next. They start with Jews."

"Disarming Ahmadinejad is not the just the Jews' problem. It's everyone's problem. First the death of the Jews. Then your death."

Prager's Denigration of Jews and Secular Learning
Perhaps the oddest and most disturbing element of Prager's talk was his broadside on intellectualism and the relationship of Jews in the United States to secular higher education.

"I want to say something about American Jews," Prager continued, "that may not be known to non-Jews. Jews venerate the university, education, and titles."

Adopting a sing-song inflection, Mr. Prager served up a slice of Borscht Belt humor: "Mr. and Mrs. Milton Goldman are pleased to announce the birth of their son, Dr. Ira Goldman."

"When people come up to talk with me at events" Prager said, "I never know if it's a Jew or a non-Jew. If the person tells me what college his kid goes to, I know it's a Jew."

"This is a form of what we called when I went to Yeshiva, avodah zarah. Idol worship," he asserted. "The university has none of my values. Nothing good. You'll be taught in self-centeredness, feelings, and lack of wisdom."

"Only in the university was it ever taught that men and women are basically the same. You have to go to university to learn what a crappy country Israel is."

"You also learn that about America," he added.

In his sweeping condemnation of secular higher education, Prager did not note the contradictions of his own biography. On his website, the talk show host takes credit for having taught Russian and Jewish history at Brooklyn College, his honorary doctorate of laws degree from Pepperdine University, and the popular books he has published.

The Albuquerque Convention Center, where the CUFI event partially filled an auditorium

Prager offered a parting word about America. Holding up his cell phone, he read verbatim a message that he had earlier texted his wife and kids,as the sing-song intonation crept back into his voice: "Speaking to Christians supporting Israel in New Mexico. Only in America!"

"That's the truth," Prager emphasized. "The founders said that this is going to be the second Israel. I have the chills when people ask me. . . . I am unbelievably blessed to have two fathers: Abraham and George Washington."

"God bless you. God bless Israel. And God bless America."

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